Assalamualaikum ... Terima kasih kerana menghampiri

Apa yang tertera, sekadar gelonjak rasa, sesaujana pancaindera,
dari teman di sepanjang perjalanan ... dari bahasa alam yang pendiam
... helaian risalah fitrah kemanusiaan ... dan peta keislaman
Dijadikan bekalan, pedoman dan peringatan kerangka diri.

Semoga mampu diperpanjangkan ke segenap dimensi makhluk, ruang dan masa.
Amin Insyaallah.

Tahfiz : TAHA Saifuddin Centre for Quranic Learning & Memorization

TAHA Saifuddin Centre for Quranic Learning & Memorization (Institution : JM0762432-V)

Towards A Generation of Huffaz; Knowledgeable, Pious & Da’ie ilallah

JTS154/18A Kg Tg Semberong Mukim 7 Parit Raja 68400 Batu Pahat Johor Darul Takzim

Dermalah sebagai SAHAM akhirat anda
CIMB Islamic Bank (Account No.:  8602  5440   97)
Facebook: Pusat Tahfiz AlQuran Taha Saifuddin
Registered with the Department Of Islamic Religious Education Of Batu Pahat District.

Taha Saifuddin Centre aims at:
  • Developing itself into a renowned Center for Islamic Studies & Quranic Learning/Memorization.
  • Providing community services for the needy and the poor; free Islamic courses/educational programmes for adults and children;
  • Improving and raising the standards of Muslim community through Educational counseling, Islamic guidance and academic training.


  • Free Quranic Memorization & Islamic Moral Education & Trainings
  • Community Service for the Needy & Poor
  • Trainings & Development (Academics, Professional & Corporate Training & Development)

Social & Educational Services

  • Duration of 3 Year
  • Aged between 10 – 18 yrs old


  • Studies of Islam through traditional scriptures based on Syafi’ie Mazhab
  • Talaqqi method of learning

  • Understanding Positive Behavior
  • Practicals For Positive Behaviour &  Manners

  • Basic Entrepreneurship & Practicals
  • Aquaponics & Practicals
  • Poultry & Practicals

  •   Free education for the Orphans, Poor & Needy
  •   Periodical /Daily distribution of food rations.

Student Intake / Enrollment Information
Free Education
The Center believe that it is the right of students to free education. It is our mission to provide such services to the community thus giving them hope that they too have the opportunity to learn and understand the Quran. Therefore, all classes or programs offered by the Center is free of charges and with this, we solely surrender ourselves to the mercy
of Allah swt to give His sustenance and complete our
needs and requirements.

Center Enrollment
The Center enrolls 30 students annually, 15 students per batch per semester (6 months) and each student is interviewed by the center interview panels comprising from professionals, academician, huffaz etc. This is to ensure that students are selected based on criteria set by the center management. Ultimately, our goal is to enroll students from poor families and orphans which allow them to study the Quran without being subjected to burdening fees.

1st Batch for Semester 1 2017
  1. Muhammad Amirul Ikhwan  
  2. Luqman Hakim
  3. Akmal Zikry
  4. Muhammad Mirza Haziq
  5. Muhammad Huzaifah
  6. Abu Zarr
  7. Mohammad Shahriz
  8. Mohammad Shahrulfitri
  9. Firzan Hakimi
  10. Anas Ahmad Hanafi
  11. Zuber Ahmad Hanafi
  12. Umar Faruq
  13. Umar Mokhtar
  14. Zamani

Student-Centered Activities
The center initiated activities that is intended to develop student life skills and relevant knowledge to be translated as their future careers in agriculture and business. Modern techniques are applied and taught to students in a student centered environment. All
Necessary information pertaining to their works are taught theoretically which in turn applied by students. The center believed that such experiential learning processes will develop an inert interest in the hearts and minds of students. Ultimately, the activities will not only prepare them for their future but actually help them to generate their own food source.
Hydroponics Vegetations

Centre Facilities : Main Building
Masjid Jamek Kg Tg Semberong (formerly known Masjid Tengku Mahkota Ismail)
Taha Saifuddin is located in this masjid. It is has been the legacy of our founder to establish close relationship with the masjid . It is here that all students perform their memorization activities and learning about Islam and its practices. Students spend most their time in this part of the masjid reciting the alQuran. As early as 5am before Fajr prayers , students will be busy with their daily zikr and prayers.  Spiritual activities will continue here in the main hall up to noon.  
Centre Facilities : Tutorial Hall

Imam Asy Syaafi’ie Tutorial Hall
The hall is located annex to the masjid and has a capacity of 30 students per session.
The hall is utilized for basic Quranic classes, Arabic Language Programs and Islamic Studies. The hall has completed its renovations but equipments has yet to be furnished due to lack of funds. Currently we are using any available chairs and tables to suit to our needs.

Since the tutorial hall or dewan kuliyyah is multi purpose, We find it flexible for us to use it in any way beneficial for our students as well as the community. In fact, during holidays, motivational programs are held here for indoor activities. It can also be turned into a musholla in case of
space constrains in the main prayer rooms.

In terms of equipments, it is equipped with a whiteboard and a flat screen monitor used during
presentations or meetings.

Centre Facilities : Resource Center
Imam Ibnu Kathir Resource Center
The center is located next to the Imam Asy Syafi’ie Tutorial Hall on the 2nd floor of the masjid. The
resource center is a library catered for our students as well as the local community. The books in this library still requires upgrading and refurbishment. The induction of new books covering various topics would definitely help to increase the individual interest in reading therefore gaining knowledge.

Other functions include ICT services to help students as well as others to attend to their needs. It must be made known that since vegetable farming is one of the daily activities here , students needs to acquire new information to help them develop their skills and understanding of their works. Therefore having a  resource center will benefit the students in the long term and provide them with opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills

Centre Facilities : Dormitary & Canteen
Imam Ibnu Athir Dormitary.
The dormitary is located about 20 meters from the masjid and students shall revert back to their dormitary for sleep and rest. The Imam Ibnu Athir dorm. is built on an acre land with a wonderful scenery of the Tg Semberong River. The river banks shall be developed to be  a huffaz sanctuary memorizing the Quran.

Our Financial Resources